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Mountain Bike Park Update

Bike Park Director, Hogan Koesis, gives a fall mountain bike update:

Natural Drop
For the first time ever, a machine will be at Pajarito from yesterday, through October 20.
Dante and Jackie owner’s of Harmony Wolrd Wide LLC have been contracted to perform trail maintenance and enhancement for the following:
  1. Enhance Aspen for Trouble all the way down to the Chupacabra trail.  Enhancements will include trail widening, jump enhancement and corridor cleaning (cutting back deadfall).
  2. Enhance Aspenola trail for a more beginner friendly and smoother experience.  They will be focusing on water erosion and enhancing turns and merges on this trail.  Ultimately this trail is the closest thing to a beginner trail, and we want to make it work with the bike program in the spring.  Working on this trail will give us a head start for next season as it pertains to quality offerings.
  3. Enhance a lot of the drop landings.  Pajarito was hand built and needs some proper landings on a lot of the drops.  We are going to start at the base area with Mother’s Milk, Natural Selection, Red Dog and Dog Patch.  These trails all feed into the base area and we are going to work our way up by increasing the landing sizes on the drops and do some needed work in shoring up some of the bridges and water issues facing these existing trails.

Neal Pederson leading the pack

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but we are super stoked to get out there and give it everything we have.  We are looking forward to feedback from the local riders as well as from people who have never been there before.

Bone Crusher

Team Harmony will also be developing a sign program and giving critical feedback as it pertains to increased lift hours, increased terrain and trails as well as what’s needed to take Pajarito to the next level!

Our Infatuation with Fall

Pajarito’s winter mountain crew pauses from ski-season preparations.
But just for a moment.

Every visitor to Pajarito Mountain has a camera around their neck or their finger hovering over the camera icon on their phone at this time of year. And it’s no wonder. The changing season is spectacular up here in the Jemez Mountains. The oak, aspens and cottonwood trees show off their yellow, orange and red leaves to everyone’s delight. Although photos never seem to do the changing season justice, here are a few of our recent favorites.

fall leavesfall hikers changing leaves
fall leaves changing colorfall runner changing leaves

We hope you’ll take a moment to soak in the fall colors and enjoy fresh eats —including New Mexico fall favorite, fire roasted green chile—at Pajarito Mountain Cafe, open for lunch every Wednesday—Friday from 11am-2pm through mid-October.

And while you’re indulging in green chile on-the-side and leaf looking outside, make sure you’re ready for winter. Buy your Season Passes and Power Products this week. Our Season Pass and Power Products Sale ends this Friday, September 29.

Speaking of winter, our sister resort, Arizona Snowbowl, was the first ski area in the United States to make snow! Snowmaking operations began Saturday, September 23. Stay tuned to learn when Pajarito will begin our snowmaking season.

Arizona Snowbowl begins snowmaking
Arizona Snowbowl began snowmaking this weekend..

FREE Mountain Biking Lessons at Ullrfest

Pajarito’s most popular fall festival, Ullrfest, happens Saturday, September 23. And this year, we’re excited to offer FREE mountain biking lessons as part of the festivities. Ullrfest features New Mexico Brewersfest with nearly one dozen local craft beers, live music, lift served hiking and biking, mountain bike lessons and races, disc golf tournament, costume contest and more.

Photo by Andy Thein

We’re expanding the options at Ullrfest this year with FREE mountain bike lessons plus on-mountain rentals. Your 2-hour lesson is FREE with a mountain bike uplift day pass—just $25. Find out more about lessons and rentals on our Ullrfest event pageHere’s the full festival schedule:

Saturday, September 23
7:45am  Guided 10-mile hike from town to Pajarito Mountain with Pajarito Environmental Education Center and the Los Alamos Mountaineers. Find out more, including how to register here.
9am3pm Lift served hiking & biking (Saturday & Sunday)
9am3pm Downhill Strava mountain bike race
9am–3pm Poker Run mountain bike race
9:30am12:30 pm FREE mountain biking lessons (Saturday & Sunday)
10am Disc Golf Tournament at Camp May
11am5pm Pajarito Mountain Cafe Open
Noon5pm New Mexico Brewersfest | $15 entry fee
2:30pm  Meet & Greet Hogan Koesis, Bike Park Director, at the Pajarito Mountain sign
Bronach Celtic Blues
JJ and the Hooligans

Sunday, September 24
9am3pm Lift served hiking & biking
9:30am12:30pm FREE mountain biking lessons
11am2pm Pajarito Mountain Cafe Open

Photo by Leslie Bucklin