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Mountain Bike Park Update

Bike Park Director, Hogan Koesis, gives a fall mountain bike update:

Natural Drop
For the first time ever, a machine will be at Pajarito from yesterday, through October 20.
Dante and Jackie owner’s of Harmony Wolrd Wide LLC have been contracted to perform trail maintenance and enhancement for the following:
  1. Enhance Aspen for Trouble all the way down to the Chupacabra trail.  Enhancements will include trail widening, jump enhancement and corridor cleaning (cutting back deadfall).
  2. Enhance Aspenola trail for a more beginner friendly and smoother experience.  They will be focusing on water erosion and enhancing turns and merges on this trail.  Ultimately this trail is the closest thing to a beginner trail, and we want to make it work with the bike program in the spring.  Working on this trail will give us a head start for next season as it pertains to quality offerings.
  3. Enhance a lot of the drop landings.  Pajarito was hand built and needs some proper landings on a lot of the drops.  We are going to start at the base area with Mother’s Milk, Natural Selection, Red Dog and Dog Patch.  These trails all feed into the base area and we are going to work our way up by increasing the landing sizes on the drops and do some needed work in shoring up some of the bridges and water issues facing these existing trails.

Neal Pederson leading the pack

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but we are super stoked to get out there and give it everything we have.  We are looking forward to feedback from the local riders as well as from people who have never been there before.

Bone Crusher

Team Harmony will also be developing a sign program and giving critical feedback as it pertains to increased lift hours, increased terrain and trails as well as what’s needed to take Pajarito to the next level!

A One-on-One with Grayson Capps

American songwriter and musician Grayson Capps will headline this Friday’s FREE concert at Pajarito, part of the local-favorite Gordons’ Summer Concert Series. We were able to connect with Grayson to discuss his music, his life, and what guests can expect at the 7 p.m. show on July 8. Here’s what he had to say:

gcappsPM: Your work is obviously inspired by your experiences with people and places in the  South. Have you spent any time in New Mexico or Los Alamos? Tell me about that.

GC: It’s been a long time since I’ve been to New Mexico. Maybe 25 years with my first band House Levellers.

PM: If my research is correct, you and your family are incredibly talented: several of your songs appeared on the soundtrack of the film A Love Song for Bobby Long (which starred Scarlett Johansson and John Travolta), and not only was the film titled after your song of the same name, the movie was adapted from a novel written by your dad. Did your dad encourage you to become a songwriter? Who are some of your music heroes?

GC: I was inspired early on by a local man in Brewton named Fred Stokes. He had a lovely low cigarette whisky soaked voice and played an old Martin guitar, mostly old old country songs.

PM: Along those same lines, I understand your wife, Trina Shoemaker, is a producer, engineer and mixer with three Grammy Awards under her belt for her work with Steven Curtis Chapman and Sheryl Crow. You two seem like a pretty powerhouse music couple. Do you work together often?

GC: Trina records and mixes all my music. She is a powerhouse genius of a woman, a complete inspiration to be around.

PM: You’re not only a powerhouse music couple, but you’re a rock ‘n’ roll dad. How is music a part of your family?

GC: Music is always going around the house. Either I’m practicing or Trina’s mixing. It’s what we do and my children are very much a part of it.  Being a dad has changed me for sure, but I know for the better. The way I was going at it before I don’t know if I’d have paced myself enough to be functional now.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 9.17.13 AM

PM: After Katrina, you left New Orleans to live in Nashville, and within the last few years, you’ve returned to Alabama. How is it to be back home? Is it hard to leave and come to a place like the New Mexico desert? 🙂

GC: Home is great. I love the coast of Alabama, but traveling is in my blood. Having a solid home helps me enjoy coming to a place like Los Alamos.  I am really looking forward to spending some time in New Mexico.

PM: I saw where you provided vocals, guitar and harmonica on Paradise Right Here, which has been described as “an all star collective” featuring you, Will Kimbrough, Anthony Crawford, Corky Hughes and Savana Lee.  This album was just released this year. Are you working on anything else?

GC: Yes and I wrote several songs on that record that I will be performing on this tour. I am currently working on a new solo record.

PM: You’re a part of the Gordon Summer Concerts, which is a very popular concert series here in Los Alamos, and you’ll get the center stage at our ski resort. Our community loves these events, where they can bring their families, spread a blanket on the lawn and listen to some good music. What can those who attend your concert on July 8 expect?

GC: Well, I tell stories through my songs, so I hope to take folks through a sonic and visual journey through the Deep South while my guitarist Corky Hughes will help the journeys transcend to the ether.  We are super excited to be invited to Los Alamos and hope to have a mutual magical time with everyone there.

Grayson-eblastIf You Go
The music begins at 7 p.m.
Be sure to bring a lawn chair, a blanket and your dancing shoes!
The Cafe will be open during the concert!

About Grayson Capps
Born of the Southern literary tradition, Grayson Capps possesses a profound poetic wisdom and marries it to steamy front-porch blues and open road Americana. Capps’ husky, whiskey-soaked vocals bring to life the down, but never out, characters who reside in his songs. Greasy slide riffs and finger picked steel guitar create the foundation for stomp-on-the-floorboard grooves, sanctified funk, earth grown soul and gospel refrains. For more information, visit


Fuel Your Summer at Pajarito


With Memorial Day this weekend, Los Alamos schools are wrapping up and Summerfest is right around the corner (June 4!), it’s feeling – and looking – a lot like summer. Here are a few ways to fuel your summer days (and the occasional evening) at Pajarito:

Fuel Yourself at Pajarito Mountain Café (NOW OPEN!)
Open every Wednesday-Friday plus special events
11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Our restaurant offers, hands down, the best views in Los Alamos, and you can enjoy a burger, one of our popular New Mexican dishes or any one of our daily specials either on the deck or inside the lodge. The Café is open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Wednesday through Friday plus Bike & Hike and special event days. Click here for the full calendar.

Pajarito offers events throughout the summer that include live music, beer gardens and more. Photo by Leslie Bucklin.
Pajarito offers events throughout the summer that include live music, beer gardens and more. Photo by Leslie Bucklin.

Fuel Your Love for Beer, Live Music and FUN
summerfest2016Summerfest: June 4, 2016
Gordons’ Summer Concert (featuring Grayson Capps): July 8, 2016
Beer & Bands: Schedule TBD
ULLR Fest: October 1, 2016

Pajarito is known for its outstanding music events and festivals, and we have another summer full of them. We will kick things off next Saturday, June 4, with Summerfest! One of our most popular events, this annual summer event includes the New Mexico Craft Brewfest (featuring Marble, Bathtub Row, Santa Fe, Taos Mesa, La Cumbre and more – entrance fee is $20 CASH), two concerts, a downhill bike race, lift-served hiking and biking, a disc golf tournament and more! Click here for details.

Fuel Your Adventurous Spirit
Hike & Bike Events: available select weekends
$25 for mountain bike access
$15 for hike access

Pajarito offers 1,200 feet of downhill, cross country and freeride mountain bike trails. The 30-trail system will make its 2016 debut during Summerfest and lift-served mountain biking will be available during special events and on select weekends throughout the summer. For those interested in a more leisurely pace, take the lift to the top for spectacular panoramic views of Los Alamos and the Valles Caldera, and hike back to the base area. Click here for hike & bike 2016 dates.

NEW! Pajarito just announced a new mountain bike pass! Enjoy unlimited lift access during every hike & bike event for just $149. Or, purchase the Power Pass and receive unlimited summer access at Pajarito plus unrestricted winter access to Pajarito, Sipapu, Purgatory and Arizona Snowbowl!
NEW! Pajarito just announced a new mountain bike pass! Enjoy unlimited lift access during every hike & bike event for just $149. Or, purchase the Power Pass and receive unlimited summer access at Pajarito plus unrestricted winter access to Pajarito, Sipapu, Purgatory and Arizona Snowbowl!

For more information about these and other activities happening at our mountain, visit or call (505) 662-5725.

19″ of Snow and 9 Days Until the Pass Sale Ends

13000195_493695784156072_2889041964765193185_nIt was pretty exciting to see Pajarito picked up 19″ of snow this week! While we were not able to fire up the lifts, the hikers and skinners loved it and we all are grateful for the added precipitation. This week’s snowfall only adds to the 7 million gallons of water we’ve already collected in our pond! The snow is melting fast, but we all enjoyed it (as evidenced by Marci’s snow angel below) while it lasted.

The evolution of a snow angel, as demonstrated by Marci Partin this week.

Now, we’re turning our attention to the season pass sale, which ends next Friday, April 29.  For those of you considering a season pass, here are a few changes over last year to keep in mind:

Age as of Purchase Date: every pass is connected to an age range. For example, Pajarito’s free tot pass is for future rippers ages 6 and younger. In the past, as long as your kiddo was 6 or younger as of early November, your child qualified for the tot age. This policy has now changed, and your age category is determined based on the age at the time of purchase. This is an important detail for those who are are on either edge of their age category.

All Passholders Will Need to Take a New Picture. In the past, we were able to use photos from previous seasons, which meant one person could easily pick up passes for multiple family members. This year, we need to take everyone’s picture again, so every person with a pass must be present when they are picking it up.

Here’s Why: As part of our multi-mountain $10 million investment this summer, our company is dedicating significant resources to upgrade nearly every mountain’s point of sale system so all four ski areas within our collective are on the same platform. This is not as exciting or headline-grabbing as  filling Pajarito’s pond or adding new trails, but this is a huge deal for our company’s operations, both for the 2016-2017 winter and beyond.

Reminder: all passholders must sign a 2016-2017 waiver prior to picking up their pass. A guardian or parent must sign the waiver for children ages 18 and younger.

Pajarito’s FREE Tot and Super Senior Passes: if you are 70 years or older (at the time of purchase) or you’re purchasing a pass for someone 6 years or younger (at the time of purchase), you qualify for Pajarito’s FREE season passes. If you’d like to order these online, you will be required to provide your credit card information although you will not be charged. If you want to skip the step, feel free to pick up your pass in the office during office hours.

New Pass Partners Announced: The Power Pass just announced two new partners, Crested Butte and Powder Mountain! When you purchase a 2016-2017 Power Pass, you get 3 FREE days at each of these resorts – plus the 15 other partner ski areas (not to mention unlimited skiing at Pajarito, Purgatory, Sipapu and Arizona Snowbowl!)

Unidentified mountain biker at Pajarito Mountain Ski Area (2)New Summer Benefits: When you purchase the Power Pass, you not only receive access to up to five summer attractions at Purgatory and scenic chairlift rides at Arizona Snowbowl everyday, you also receive unlimited hike & bike access at Pajarito! The New Mexico Pass PLUS offers 50% off summer uplift service at Pajarito.

Speaking of summer uplift, Pajarito is introducing a new summer season pass that will provide unlimited uplift access at Pajarito (no winter benefits) for $149! To purchase this pass online, click here.

Pajarito Offers New Mexico’s Only Season Pass Payment Plan: We are committed to keeping skiing and snowboarding affordable, and our new payment plan is just another example of this commitment. To read a parent’s perspective on this new payment plan, check out my blog post here.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 505-662-5725 or [email protected], or click here to purchase your pass online!

Pajarito’s 2016-2017 Season Passes On Sale Now!


By Stacey Glaser, Marketing Director

Pajarito’s 2016-2017 season passes are on sale now, and we are unveiling the most impressive season pass lineup yet! Plus, we’re rolling out some very big improvements – both to our passes and our resorts, including:

Payment plan: every pass now includes the payment plan option! The only season pass payment plan in New Mexico, this option offers 0% financing and easy automatic payments! Learn more.

Another $10 million capital campaign: while season pass prices are the same as last year, Pajarito will be a part of another $10 million mountain capital campaign (for a total of $20 million since 2015!) Click here to learn about the improvements coming to Pajarito, Sipapu, Purgatory and Arizona Snowbowl.

Use this guide to help you select which pass is right for you, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

powericonThe Power Pass
The Power Pass is ideal for those who want the most ski days and the biggest perks.

Power Pass Highlights:
Unlimited skiing at Pajarito, Sipapu, Purgatory, and Arizona Snowbowl. No blackout dates!

There are a lot of different age categories on this pass, which means there are a lot of options for a discount. For example: long gone are the days that you turned 18 or graduated from school and were stuck with an adult pass price (while working your way in an entry-level job). There’s now a discounted pass for young adults ages 18-29, and another one for ages 30-36! Learn more.

This is the only pass that will give you year-round benefits, including daily access to Purgatory’s summer attractions, unlimited lift-served access at Pajarito’s mountain bike park and unlimited scenic chairlift rides at Arizona Snowbowl.

You’ll get an additional three bonus days at EACH of our preimier partner ski areas: Copper Mountain. Monarch Mountain. Loveland Ski Area. Crested Butte. And a lot more. Click here for the full list.

Buy the 2016-2017 Power Pass now!

nmpassiconpajaritoNew Mexico Pass PLUS
The New Mexico Pass PLUS provides unlimited skiing at Sipapu and Pajarito plus FREE bonus days at partner resorts, including Purgatory.

New Mexico Pass PLUS Highlights:
Get unlimited access to the state’s longest season, best fall line and favorite bump runs all on a single pass.

The New Mexico Pass PLUS includes its own set of partner ski areas, including Monarch Mountain, Grand Targhee, Ski Cooper, Sunlight and more. See the full list.

Enjoy 3 FREE days of skiing at Purgatory (available everyday!) plus unlimited (blackout dates apply) $50 lift tickets thereafter.

The New Mexico Pass PLUS also includes 50% off Pajarito’s bike & hike access!

Buy the 2016-2017 New Mexico Pass PLUS now!

nmpassiconpajNew Mexico Pass
The New Mexico Pass is identical to the New Mexico Pass PLUS except you do not receive the 3 FREE days at Purgatory – although unlimited (blackout dates apply) $50 lift tickets are still available. The 50% off Pajarito bike & hike access is not available on this pass, either.

New Mexico Pass Highlights:
If you’re looking for unlimited access to our New Mexico ski areas and don’t plan to ski at Purgatory this winter (or mountain bike at Pajarito during the summer), this is the pass for you.

Buy the 2016-2017 New Mexico Pass now!

pajaritovalueiconPajarito Value Pass
Pajarito offers a variety of value passes, including family passes and Sunday only! This is the pass to purchase if you’re interested in skiing Pajarito only and do not mind added blackout dates.

Pajarito Value Pass Highlights:
The most affordable season pass option!

Blackout dates are as follows: Dec 19-23, 2016; Dec 26-31, 2016; Jan 14-15, 2017; Feb 18-19, 2017.

Sunday passes are available every Sunday – no blackouts!

The family passes are available for families, all living in the same house and supported by the same income.

Buy a 2016-2017 Pajarito Value Pass now!

Season passes on sale now


By Stacey Glaser, Marketing Director

As you may know, over the last several months James Coleman, Pajarito’s managing partner, and his ski resort management team acquired Durango Mountain Resort (once the deal was complete, Coleman promptly changed the ski area’s name back to its original title, Purgatory), and they are also in the process of acquiring Arizona Snowbowl.

With this change and the addition of new sister resorts, we have significantly expanded our season pass products, and they are now on sale through May 15. Here are a few ways our products have changed – and why it’s good to snag one now:

New Products
This year, we introduced the Power Pass, and this is truly the most powerful pass in the Southwest. Power Pass guests can enjoy unlimited access to all four resorts: Pajarito, Sipapu, Purgatory and Arizona Snowbowl (which include over 13,000 acres, 26 lifts, more than 200 trails and 13 terrain parks). The Power Pass also includes its own set of unique perks, including 3 FREE days at Taos Ski Valley, Loveland, Powder Mountain and more. To see the full list of Power Pass benefits, click here.

p.s. The season pass products we offered last year – the New Mexico Power Pass PLUS, the New Mexico Power Pass, the Value Pass, the Pajarito Family Passes – are still available, too.

New Age Categories
With the introduction of the Power Pass came some slightly different age categories. These new changes apply to the Power Pass only (and not the New Mexico Power Pass products or any of Pajarito’s other season passes). We’ve fielded a few questions about these changes – here are the biggest age category shifts over last year:

Young Adults (ages 18-29)
If you were born in 1986 or earlier, you have reason to rejoice: the Power Pass discounted student price has been extended to age 29. If you’re over age 29 and enrolled in a minimum of 9 undergraduate credit hours, you still qualify for this discounted price, too.

Parents of Teens (ages 13-17) or Kids (ages 7-12)
If you purchase a Power Pass (again, not a *New Mexico* Power Pass) for yourself and your child, and if your child is between the ages of 7-17, your child receives (and you score!) a less expensive pass.

Here’s Why You Should Buy Your Pass Now:

You Will Save Money
Now through May 15 is the best time to get the lowest available price on these products. Let me repeat: these season passes will never be lower than these prices, right now.

You Will Enjoy New Summer Benefits
The Power Pass includes amazing summer benefits, including the Total Adventure Ticket (which gives each passholder daily access to up to five of Purg’s plethora of summer activities, including the alpine slide, the zipline, a ropes course, scenic chairlift rides and a lot more). This benefit is only available if you purchase your Power Pass by May 15. Again, this is an exclusive to the Power Pass – not the New Mexico Power Pass products.

Also, with every Power Pass purchase, you receive scenic chairlift rides at Arizona Snowbowl (where the views are absolutely stunning), and every Power Pass, New Mexico Power Pass PLUS and New Mexico Power Pass includes a $5 discount off Pajarito’s summer chairlift rides, too.

It Really Is the Best Pass in the Southwest
There is no other season pass that can offer unlimited skiing and snowboarding in New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona, and there is no other pass that offers the incredible perks available only on the Power Pass and the New Mexico Power Passes. While your skis and boards may be entering hibernation mode, there has never been a better time than this to guarantee an epic winter with a season pass.

Got a question about our new season pass products? Feel free to leave it here, or click here to purchase your season pass today!

The New Mexico Power Pass

FB_BannerI am pleased to announce that the 2014-2015 season passes went on sale yesterday, July 8! During this rollout, we unveiled a new product: the New Mexico Power Pass. This season pass is the only one in the state that offers unlimited skiing and snowboarding at two ski areas plus free lift tickets at more than 20 mountains in the southwest and throughout the country (to view the full list, please visit

New Mexico Power Pass prices are just $299 for adults, $199 for students (ages 13-20 or college students enrolled in a minimum of 9 credit hours or graduate students enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours), $179 for kids (ages 7-12) and $199 for seniors (ages 60-69). Kids 6 and younger and guests 70 years or better ski FREE everyday at both Pajarito and Sipapu for the 2014-2015 winter season. We are also offering several other affordable season pass options, including our Value Pass (providing access to one ski area with limited blackout dates), the Family Pass (which gives families the most affordable way to hit the slopes together) as well as a new Sunday pass.

All of these passes are available for purchase online at, and, and at the lift ticket offices for both Pajarito and Sipapu.

Please note that these prices do not include tax and are good through Sunday, August 3, 2014.

We’ve received several questions about our Passholder Perks – most notably, our past and future partnerships with Monarch Mountain and Red River Ski Area. Both of these ski areas have been fantastic partners to work with in the past, and we are disappointed they made the decision to discontinue this partnership. Know that we continue to work hard to grow our list of valuable partners and make the New Mexico Power Pass the most robust season pass around.

We have also heard many questions about the popular Super Senior Season Pass, and I am pleased to report that not only are we continuing this pass, but we are also making it more readily available: beginning the 2014-2015 ski and snowboard season, guests 70 and older ski free everyday at Pajarito and Sipapu. The same is true for kids 6 and younger, too.

What’s more is that we made a dedicated effort to discount prices across the board over last year while increasing your season pass product options. The reason for this is simple: skiing is our number one priority, and we are committed to making it affordable for everyone.

We are thrilled to take this next step to creating unlimited access to Pajarito Mountain Ski Area for the 2014-2015 winter season! If you have other questions or comments, feel free to leave those here.

Season Pass Sale to be Announced Soon


We’ve received many questions about Pajarito’s season passes for the 2014-2015 winter. The details for this sale are still being worked out, but here is what we know so far:

Season passes will be available for purchase very soon. We expect the sale to begin no later than July 8, 2014.

An Adult Premium Pass will start at $299. This will include unlimited access (no blackout dates) at both Pajarito and Sipapu, and Premium Passes will include Passholder Perks, which include three free days at each partner ski area (a full list of partners is listed below). This pass is created for skiers and snowboarders who want to hit the slopes as often as they can at ski areas in New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and throughout the country.

Only Premium Passes will offer Passholder Perks. Here are the 27 ski areas that Sipapu currently partners with, and we anticipate having agreements in place with all of these ski areas on behalf of Pajarito by the time our passes go on sale:

Premium Passholders will receive 3 free days at each of the following mountains: Red River Ski Area, Ski Apache, Grand Targhee Resort (with lodging purchase), Sunlight Mountain Resort, Ski Cooper, Powderhorn Mountain Resort, Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort, Brian Head Resort, Eagle Point Ski Resort, Devil’s Thumb Ranch, Kendall Mountain, Lookout Pass Ski & Recreation Area, Silver Mountain Resort, Labrador Mountain, Sunburst Ski Area, Little Switzerland, Mount Bohemia, Snowy Range Ski and Recreation Area, Catalooche Ski Area, Indianhead Mountain, Blackjack Ski Resort, Mission Ride Ski & Board Resort, Eaglecrest Ski Area and Ski Mystic Deer Mountain.

Premium Passholders will also receive 3 half-day tickets at: Arizona Snowbowl and Sundown Mountain Resort.

Pajarito Logo

An Adult Value Pass will be available starting at $199.
This will include limited access to Pajarito (blackout dates will be December 22-23, 2014; December 27-31, 2014; January 2-3, 2015; March 8-12, 2015 and March 15-19, 2015) and will not include Passholder Perks. This pass is ideal for skiers and snowboarders who want to ski at Pajarito only this winter and don’t mind the added restrictions.

We will also offer a Family Pass, which will be perfect for families looking for the most affordable way to ski or snowboard this winter. Like the Value Pass, the Family Pass will offer limited access to Pajarito (with the same blackout dates as listed above) and will not include Passholder Perks. Family passes are good for immediate family members, all living together and supported by the same income. The first and second pass may be purchased for any age, and the remaining passes are valid for dependent children ages 19 and younger only.

For the first time, Pajarito will also offer a Sunday only pass, which will be fantastic for those who want the freedom of a season pass and don’t mind limiting it to Sundays. There are no Sunday blackout dates on this pass.

We will continue to offer adult, child, student and senior season passes. Our plan is to discontinue the “dependent” pass (although our student pass will be available for guests ages 13-20, college students of any age who are enrolled in a minimum of 9 credit hours, and graduate students of any age who are enrolled in a minimum of 6 graduate hours).

You will be able to purchase your pass in the exact same ways you have done in the past: online at, by phone at 505-662-5725 or at the administrative office at the mountain.

Know that we are committed to communicating the pass sale launch, the pass sale pricing and deadlines to you. Once the season passes go on sale – and throughout the season pass sale period – we will keep you informed via email, at, on the Pajarito Facebook page and through this blog. Please continue to let us know how we can make this information available to you, and we look forward to this next step toward the 2014-2015 winter season!